This I could do and live with if I had the space and the council would not object.

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Have been looking into the possibilities of living in an eco village, I really really like the idea, living a self suitable life style, even the compostable toilet does not scare me !! I think its about time people sat up and thought about the way we live now, I have always had a thing for the greener lifestyle growing your own veg etc. but to acctually live a life where you use nothing but the most natural things, hummm it appeals to me .

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Last night I started reading Bridget Jones Diary, now I know everyone has either read or watched the film, but I can so identify with her at the moment, that feeling of being left on the shelf, and feeling arkward with married couples, cause their must be something wrong for you not to be married by now . I have of course been married and have 6 children and 4 grandchildren to show for it, but you still feel like or should I say made to feel like there is something basically wrong with you, cause you did not quite make it, anyway enough of that for now, progress report will be on going.

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New day

This is take two, I tried writing this yesterday but it would not publish, another throw back from my era, ltechnology does not come easily, in this age where you can press a button and you have instant music,t.v, meals etc, and life is pretty much instant along with relationships friends ships and love. I come from an era where patient, imagination,and pretty much everything took time , and before your wondering, I don’t come from an ancient culture,i am only 46! This really is partly what my blog is about, it is basically a living diary of where I will hopefully laugh, cry and generally vent out my feelings as I struggle to come to terms as living my life as an inbetweener, neither young nor old, but living in a time where everything is geared towards the young and I am expected to be placed on the shelf until my time is over. And of course their is my unwavering believe, but the fact o still won’t confirm, mixed with my job and being a single mum, toggled with being a grandmother. So here we go, lets see where this journey goes and see how I get to my destination.

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Hello world!

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Happy blogging!

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