New day

This is take two, I tried writing this yesterday but it would not publish, another throw back from my era, ltechnology does not come easily, in this age where you can press a button and you have instant music,t.v, meals etc, and life is pretty much instant along with relationships friends ships and love. I come from an era where patient, imagination,and pretty much everything took time , and before your wondering, I don’t come from an ancient culture,i am only 46! This really is partly what my blog is about, it is basically a living diary of where I will hopefully laugh, cry and generally vent out my feelings as I struggle to come to terms as living my life as an inbetweener, neither young nor old, but living in a time where everything is geared towards the young and I am expected to be placed on the shelf until my time is over. And of course their is my unwavering believe, but the fact o still won’t confirm, mixed with my job and being a single mum, toggled with being a grandmother. So here we go, lets see where this journey goes and see how I get to my destination.

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One Response to New day

  1. gethinmorgan says:

    Good to see you here … it’s like you’ve finally joined the 21st century … next stop, internet banking! 😀

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